you get what you pay for

PROJECT Flex packs

Flexible packages are great for creative projects such as content design, web design, or logo creation. This allows you to bring a project based resource to your team while remaining flexible throughout the duration of the project.

Staff leasing

Staff leasing is the easiest way to increase the size of your domestic team at a fraction of the cost and without worrying about the hiring process, finding the right talent, or purchasing more IT assets and facility space.

Hourly rate

Hourly rates are ideal for small projects such as copywriting, proofreading, or quick design work. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in only paying for what you use.

Transparency is paramount

At SourceWell you get what you pay for. We provide our employees a fantastic work environment, proper tools, and higher compensation and benefits than most companies. In exchange, we recruit and hire only top-tier employees with amazing experience to deliver excellent service. Our strong company culture delivers  high engagement rates. 

years average experience when joining SourceWell
Candidates interviewed for each position
1 %
% paid on average above the market
1 %
% savings compared to the same domestic position


Flex for what?

Ever finished a presentation and thought that it could look better ? Why not take a Flex Pack?

Case #1: You felt the entrepreneurial urge and successfully registered your first start-up. You now need awesome design work without breaking the bank: to choose a logo (1 lite pack), create a quick responsive website (1 business pack) with or without providing the content (1 pro pack) or creating a 2 page brochure to send to your prospects (1 lite pack). 

Case #2: You are a well-established SMB but your marketing manager who usually does your graphic design is busy with an upcoming event and can’t take care of the design of your yearly company report (1 pro pack). Your website could use a few updates like adding a job application tool to post your job offers and receive resumes from applicants but nobody has the required skills to do it. You are tired of the fact that your website always appears on the 3rd page of results on Google and want to organize an SEO campaign with website optimization (pro pack) and relevant blog posts (business pack). 


We coordinate all the resources required for your project. You can follow the progress with regular update releases on our collaborative tool, Basecamp.


About staff leasing at SourceWell

Staff leasing allows you to hire your team of employees on a temporary basis for an indefinite period of time without worrying about anything else. You can be flexible and continue growing your organization. It is our most popular outsourcing model. 

At SourceWell, we prefer to hire highly-skilled people that are efficient from day one. Our experience in the BPO sector showed us that hiring just to meet ramp numbers is the wrong approach. We focus on hiring the right fit and the right skills from the start. Our hiring methodology values experience and continuous learning activities in coordination with finding individuals who keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

We provide your staff continuous soft skill training to ensure seamless communication.


Billing starts from day one of on-boarding of the new position.  

We do not bill any start-up or implementation costs.

Our billing computation is transparent and takes into consideration the following:

  • Gross salary (with 13 months)
  • Night differential depending on shift schedule
  • Mandatory benefits
  • Comprehensive HR benefits
  • Annualized recruitment and payroll costs
  • Infrastructure, assets and tools
  • SourceWell management fee

Compared to similar positions in Europe or North America, you will save up to 70%. 

SourceWell offers the best talents in the market.  We focus on helping our client source the right person with the right skill at the right time for the right project. 

We continuously invest in the latest technology and equipment to make sure that your staff has every tool to provide the best output. 

We hire highly skilled and talented people with a minimum of 3 years experience. 

Creative Services

We cover everything from graphic design to art direction to animation to copywriting and research output. You’ll have the power of your dedicated team to deliver world class creative content when you need it most.

Support Services

With today's wide range of devices and networked systems, the need for qualified System and Network Administrators continues to grow.

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