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No job description? No problem! Our recruitment team can come up with a detailed job description for the tasks required.


After screening the potential candidates matching your requirements, we will run a series of tests to assess their technical and soft skills and to ensure that they are a good fit to both your technical needs and company culture. We are constantly on the lookout for the best talents and we keep a hot pool of candidates at hand.

We will send you our shortlist of candidates with their resumes and test results.

Using Skype, Gotomeeting, Zoom or your preferred online client meeting tool, you will interview the candidates to finalize your choice.

We usually do one work order for each position. All details will be indicated in the work order, including: Number of hours worked per week, holiday schedule followed (Philippines or your domestic holidays), shift required (your business hours or any other required shift), specific compliance (PCI…)

Once everything is set, you will send us the signed copy of the work order. For the first position, you will have to sign our Master Service Agreement.
Your employee will go through our onboarding program to learn our processes, our benefits, how to set up his collaborative tools and feel immediately well integrated in the company. Your employee will then start if need be the training with your team or jump straight into production!

Your employee will go through our onboarding program to learn our processes and benefits, to set up his collaborative tools, and to be immediately well-integrated in the company. They may then start training with your team immediately (if needed) or jumping straight into production!

During the course of employment, we will manage employee engagement and all other HR-related items. We will gather regular feedback on the employee’s output to keep you satisfied.

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