Why us?

SourceWell is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing company based in Manila, Philippines allowing global SMBs access to tailor-fit staff augmentation and managed services.

SourceWell is led by a globally diverse, Philippine-based management team with over 50 years of combined experience building and operating in-house, shared service, and service provider operations.  Managing everything from healthcare support, data entry, voice care, technical support, technical development, and creative services.

Cutting their teeth with Fortune 500 in house and BPO supported organizations has allowed SourceWell to cherry pick best practices which can be applied to more than just larger scale operations.  SMBs are now able to grow a global team through tailor-fit staff augmentation and managed services.

SourceWell is unique in its class as it offers years of outsourcing experience in a boutique setting which allows you to develop a relationship with your extended global talent.

Full visibility on your staff

Sometimes you still want to keep an eye on your support operations. SourceWell gives you the option to stay as visible as you want to make sure your teams are in place and highly functioning. We set up state of the art video conferencing and open bridge systems to make sure you're always connected, day or night.

Seat Flexibility

At SourceWell, we understand that there are times you need to stay flexible with your talent resources - whether it's working on a marketing video, developing a website, or platform administration. We give you the options to choose exactly what you need and for however long you need it.

Quality oriented recruitment process

Our recruitment process is the best in the business. We have taken years of in-country experience, applied deep network and relationship, and combined that with client resource specific behavioral and technical competence based hiring processes. The results are best-in-class candidates. We know how important getting the right candidate is to your business. You'll have full visibility and can even participate in each step of the process to make sure that the technical fit is just as right as the work culture fit.

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